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Photos of Simucon have successfully been yoinked from facebook! Check out the album under the Simucon tab.

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Proudly serving the bullies of the Dragonrealms population since 2003.

Whether you think we're a fun, easy-going group of nerds or some sort of nefarious insectoid collective, our vast resources are spread before you. Herein you will find a bunch of crap about Dragonrealms and the greater world of dorkery that we nerds around here think is funny or otherwise amusing. You can browse the logs and websites listed below, check out the photos from past conventions, or buy some sweet clothing that would probably get you justifiably shot in a major urban center. You can also hop over to our forums if you're not too weak of stomach. But whether you came for a purpose as benign as a few laughs and a place to air your MUD grievances without them vanishing in five minutes...or as nefarious as launching a crusade against all that is evil with our membership and/or fapping to pictures of them...we hope you'll enjoy your time here.

<3 The Smelly Cat Admins



see why they call us the bullies of dragonrealms. if you don't laugh at this stuff then go back to shard.
simucon info & pictures
photos of previous conventions as well as information on future ones.
contact information and a plethora of links to futher your geekery.

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